Hardcore Visual Basic

The April 2000 shipment of the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) Library was a huge disappointment for many when they discovered it no longer included the second edition of Hardcore Visual Basic, by Bruce McKinney: 

Editor's Note

Bruce McKinney's Hardcore Visual Basic is now out of print. The MSDN Library team has removed this book from the Library.

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I'm extremely pleased to announce that, at Bruce's urging, Microsoft Press and MSDN have granted me permission to republish this work here on MVPS.ORG! We all owe Microsoft a huge thanks for this kind gesture.

I've decompiled the original source from MSDN, and posted it here, at http://vb.mvps.org/hardcore -- hopefully an easy URL to remember. We're still working on cleaning up a lot of the pages where MSDN garbled the text by spilling the sidebars and flames into the main body, so I hope you'll bear with us.

We'd also like to eventually incorporate many of the revisions published on DevX, provide all/most of the source from the CD, as well as update with the corrections noted on DevX and in the Knowledge Base:

Q173840 - Hardcore Visual Basic 2nd Ed. Comments and Corrections
http:// support.microsoft.com / support / kb / articles / Q173 / 8 / 40.ASP
Summary: This article contains corrections, comments, and information on known errors relating to the Microsoft Press book "Hardcore Visual Basic, Second Edition," ISBN 1-57231-422-2.

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