VB4HT: About The Authors

Information Current as of June 1995

Zane Thomas
Zane began programming in the mid-70's on a 6800 microprocessor with a whopping 512 (there really is no K here!) bytes. After a few months he dropped his pursuit of a degree in molecular biology and started programming full time. He soon found himself at Alpha Microsystems, one of the many startup companies that blossomed during the beginning of the personal computer revolution. Since then he has programmed using a number of processors, operating systems, and languages. Zane lives in the state of Washington with his wife and three children. He and his wife Deborah are active in environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest.
Karl Peterson
Karl is a senior technical transportation planner for a regional planning agency located in Vancouver, WA. His roles include geographic information system analysis, custom cartography and other computer graphics work, system and network administration, as well as custom in-house programming projects. In his "spare" time, he also keeps busy as a contributing editor writing articles and columns for Visual Basic Programmer's Journal (VBPJ), and serves on its Technical Review Board. Online, Karl has been designated by Microsoft as one of its Product Support Service's Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) for his contributions to the MSBASIC forum. He's also a section leader in VBPJ's CompuServe forum, and has been selected by CompuServe to participate in its Support Professionals (CSP) program. Having used various flavors of BASIC since 1976, he'll readily admit to being a "Basic-bigot" through-and-through.
Constance Petersen
Constance lives and works in Atlanta. A software developer for 20 years, she has worked for large corporations and as an independent consultant. She takes hands-on responsibility for all aspects of software development, keeping the focus on ease of use and user satisfaction. In recent years, Constance has taken up knitting; knitting together custom applications, that is. She currently knits with Microsoft's Visual Basic, Access, and Word; WexTech's Doc-To-Help; Shapeware's Visio; and an ever-expanding set of VBXs and OCXs. She also enjoys nature photography and camping in the north Georgia mountains with her friends, her husband Lynn Torkelson, and their three boys, Nic, Daniel, and Zac.
James Shields
James has been involved with computers in one fashion or another since he was six. Currently he spends most of his time developing Windows components (custom controls). He is the founder of Mabry Software, Inc., a Seattle-based company specializing in Windows programming tools and components.
Stuart Greenberg
Stuart earned his B.S. in computer science in 1976 and spent several years as a mainframe database programmer. He learned the inner workings of personal computers during the 'hobby days' by building various components from kits. From 1988 through 1993, as senior programmer for PC Magazine Labs, Stuart redesigned the user interface and several test programs for PC Magazinešs widely distributed Hardware Benchmark Series. He is also the author of Scriptware, a popular word processor for TV and movie scriptwriters. He currently runs a consulting business specializing in Visual Basic and Access from his Long Island home. Besides writing applications, Stuart is a frequent contributor to VB Tech Journal magazine. In his not-too-frequent off hours, Stuart can be found biking through the neighboring farmland and seen, both on and off the stage, at local comedy clubs.
Mitchell Waite
Mitchell is President and CEO of The Waite Group, developer and publisher of innovative computer books and learning systems. He is an experienced programmer fluent in a variety of computer languages, including Visual Basic, C, Pascal, BASIC, Assembly, and HyperTalk. He wrote his first computer book in 1976, and is co-author of many best-selling computer books.

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